Canada’s Outstanding Young Farmers - Atlantic
December 16, 2003


Port Williams, Nova Scotia, Canada – Brian and Edna Newcombe of Port Williams have won a prestigious Canada’s Outstanding Young Farmers Program Award.

Presented at a national event in early December in Vancouver, the Newcombes were two of seven regional nominees voted as Canada’s top young farmers. The other winners were Ron and Jessie Brar of Surrey, BC.

“It’s nice to be recognized as a leader and innovator by such a terrific program as Canada’s Outstanding Young Farmers,” said Mr. Newcombe. “We’ve had a number of national winners over the years from this region, showing that we’re second to none in being progressive in how we farm.”

The Newcombes are part of Cornwallis Farms Ltd., an extensive farm enterprise owned and operated with Brian’s father, Robert, and brother, Craig. The diverse operation consists of a 150-cow dairy herd, 1200 acres of crops, custom work, 60,000 broiler chickens, 20,000 laying hens, a feed mill and landscaping.

“It’s great that Brian and Edna have won such a prestigious award,” said Willy Versteeg of the Atlantic Young Farmers Committee, which oversees the program in this region. “It’s another indication of the quality of people we have in this region and how, time and time again, we have the ability to do things and do them well.”

Mr. Versteeg and his wife, Sherma, of Milford Station were Atlantic Regional winners in 1997. In total, the Atlantic region has had 12 national winners since 1980.

Canada’s Outstanding Young Farmers Program was founded in 1979 by the Canadian Junior Chamber/Jaycees. Eligible nominees must be farm operators between the ages of 18 and 39 who derive a minimum of two-thirds of their income from their farms. Each year, one farming couple is selected from each of the program's seven Regional Recognition Events to represent their respective region at the National Awards Program. They are judged by a distinguished panel using the following criteria:

o progress made during their farming career
o maximum utilization of soil, water and energy conservation practices
o crop and livestock production history
o contribution to the well-being of the community, province and nation.

The Canada’s Outstanding Young Farmers Program is sponsored nationally by John Deere, the CIBC and Bayer CropScience. For more information on the program, please visit: http://www.oyfcanada.com/


For more information, contact:

Willy Versteeg, Atlantic Young Farmers Committee
(902) 758-5178

Brian Newcombe, National Winner
(902) 680-6652

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